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Chairman Speak

The fascinating speed of science in recent years has necessitated fast, efficient and updated exchanging sources. Academic journals are undoubtedly one of these sources. Scientific journals have provided the interrelationship between experts, scientists and those interested and also have academically improved the university fields.

Our aim to publish the “New Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology Journal” of Islamic Azad University , Parand branch is to introduce novel researches, exchange academic thoughts and provide scientific issues in cellular as well as molecular biotechnology in order to suitably support researchers, scholars and students.

As biotechnology has, nowadays, facilitated an appropriate link between other biosciences and nanotechnology and their application in industry, researchers ought to submit their academic findings through authentic sources in order to improve scientific goals without unnecessary repetitions.

The human’s industrialized lifestyle has convinced him to adequately proceed in sciences particularly in biotechnology to survive and plan for better environment. With the help of other respected scholars and researchers, we sincerely hope the “New Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology Journal” can be effective in receiving the newest scientific articles in various medical and sub medical fields of biology, cellular and molecular biology, immunology and biotechnology domains.

Once again we extend our hand towards all experts to cooperate with the magazine and raise its quality with their fruitful suggestions.

Thank you

Saeed Zaker Bostanabad (Ph.D)

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